Heart Centered Guided Imagery

Begin by getting comfortable and gently close your eyes. If you prefer you can focus on a candle. Breathe slowly and gently from your abdomen and feel your self becoming relaxed as all tension begins to melt away. Continue to breathe from your abdomen, slowly pulling your breath upward into your chest and then up to your shoulders. Then slowly let this breath go and begin this process again. If it helps, imagine a wave slowly cresting and breaking onto shore…

Let your breath return to its regular rate and let yourself relax into the rise and fall of your chest. Breathing in the breath of life and breathing out all you need to let go of. Allow your body to feel comfortable and while paying attention to where you are still holding tension send a message to relax.

You are now feeling at ease, physically, emotionally…at peace, within and without. Take a moment to enjoy this gift, this wonderful feeling of being completely at ease.

Imagine a special place outdoors… a place where you feel safe, peaceful and happy. This may be a real place or an imaginary one, just so it’s a place that feels comforting, welcoming, safe, beautiful and peaceful to you….

Feel the warmth of the sun safely and gently touching you, giving you a special feeling of being cared for, taken care of.

You may feel a very soft breeze softly greeting your face and your hair. You look around appreciating what you see – noting details that are important to you and somehow supporting your sense of safety.

Breathe in the fragrances of nature’s gifts around you. Take in the beauty of nature surrounding you – the sights and sounds, the aromas and sensations – find it easy to allow yourself to be part of this serene beauty as you let in the feeling of being loved by the spirit

As you look around, you notice a path you have not seen before which beckons you to follow it. As you move onto the path and begin walking…slowly… through the trees, you appreciate the beauty of the trees and the pattern the sun makes on the ground as it makes its way through the green leaves and graceful branches. The trees protect you from the heat of the sun and the temperature is exactly right for you as you explore the peaceful place. Before long you come to an opening and in the center of this opening is a pond. You walk towards the glistening water and notice that someone is standing by the water and waiting for you. You may or may not know this person. What you do know is that this person is very wise. As you draw closer to this person, you feel caring, full acceptance and love for you. The wise person smiles and says, “ I’m so glad you are here. I have been waiting for you.” This person invites you to sit down and you dangle your feet in the refreshing water. Gazing upon you, the wise person gently asks you – how is your heart?

You respond freely and fully, sharing matter of your heart – your joys and sorrows, what gives your peace and contentment in your life and what hurts, your grief and your losses. I will leave you to talk with your wise and loving person and will return after a few minutes….

You finish talking and gently the wise one taking your hurts, your grief, your losses, pours them into the water. Then this loving wise person gives you a gift for your heart…this gift can heal your losses and hurts in time. You place this precious gift in your heart. You say goodbye and know without asking this wise, loving one that this gift will be with you always. It may be the gift of peace, forgiveness, or love. It is your gift….the gift you need to help you heal. It is now time for you to return. You walk back on the path through the trees, feeling changed, feeling safer, feeling lighter, knowing you have a gift in your heart that is always there for you. You return to your favorite place and rest for awhile, absorbing love and wisdom and healing…….